Nearly 70 percent of mobile users spend up to four hours each day on their phones

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A new survey conducted by MyOffers reveals a worrying dependency on mobile phones in the UK.

70 percent of mobile users spend up to four hours a day on their phones. Almost 30 percent spend more than five hours a day and 7.3 percent of people are on their phones daily for an incredible 11 hours*.

The survey shows females are more likely to spend over three hours a day on their mobile phones, whereas males only spend around an hour using them.

Females are more than twice as likely than males to spend 11 hours a day on their mobile phones.

Breaking down the data by city-level, London (5.48%) had the highest proportion of digitally connected users – almost double Manchester (2.35%), then Glasgow (1.80%).

# Cities in the UK Percentage of mobile usage %
1 London 5.48%
2 Manchester 2.35%
3 Glasgow 1.80%
4 Birmingham 1.55%
5 Bristol 1.24%
6 Leeds 1.15%
7 Nottingham 1.15%
8 Liverpool 0.99%
9 Sheffield 0.96%
10 Leicester 0.74%

When asked what social media platforms they used the most, Facebook is the firm favourite:

# Social Media Percentage Usage of Social Media Platform
1 Facebook 74.06%
2 Instagram 48.93%
3 Twitter 29.70%

Facebook was crowned the number one social media platform, with 74 percent of users spending time using the app daily. Women are almost twice as likely to use social media than men.

When asked what Apps respondents used the most, WhatsApp reigned supreme:

# App Percentage Usage of Favourite Apps
1 WhatsApp 64.61%
2 Netflix 37.60%
3 Pinterest 33.48%
4 Amazon Video 23.72%
5 Audible 15.97%
6 Reddit 13.35%
7 Tinder 10.23%

WhatsApp was our overall winner, with 64.61% of respondents using the app. Only 37.60% used Netflix on their phone, compared with 23.72% of respondents who use Amazon Video.

Lionel Thain, Chief Executive Officer at MyOffers commented on the findings:

“It comes as a surprise at just how much time some people are spending on their mobile devices, more than eleven hours in some cases. These rising figures suggest mobile phone use will continue to increase, especially as technology develops.”