New Petrol-Scented Candle Launches by UK-Based Candle Makers

Brit News, Business

A national social media poll has revealed the UK’s favourite unusual scents, with the most popular being brought to life and created into a new product.

The poll, which was conducted by candle-makers Cosy Owl, asked the public to submit their most loved scents which would not normally feature in standard fragrance products in the home. Petrol (45%) took the crown, with Orange Blossom (26%), Prosecco (21%), Cow Manure (6%) & Andrex Loo Roll – Green packing (2%) also featuring in the top five.

The creation of a new ‘petrol scented’ fragrance oil for candles would fit nicely into the homes of many petrolheads across the UK, as well as others that admittedly enjoy the scent. Whilst petrol is a quite bizarre scent and one that certainly divides opinion, Cosy Owl have confirmed that its petrol scented fragrance oil is not as dangerously flammable as petrol itself and is just as safe to use in the home as any other candle product.

The winning scent has been made into reality as a new product for the Cosy Owl 2020 range and can be found here: