One lucky wannabe fashion mogul will win £12k of business funding to launch their own online brand

Forget the dream job application, this could be the dream business opportunity for one lucky person. Imprinted are looking for the next wannabe Muthahood (Strong Girls Club), Mère Soeur or even Gymshark style business founder, and are offering to fund that dream to the value of over £12,000!

Imprinted, the Print on Demand (POD) and drop shipping experts are running their own Apprentice style competition for anyone wanting to launch their dream online fashion or clothing label, the best thing is: people don’t have to work with Lord Sugar afterwards, they will own 100% of the business. The winner might even end up launching the next must have Instagram favourite fashion brand worth millions. Interested?

Introducing The ApPRINTice:

What’s happening..

Imprinted will coach & mentor the lucky applicant to launch their own POD business
The goal is for the lucky applicant to be able to make a minimum of £17k a year before 12 months, hopefully a lot more.
Imprinted will fund the lucky applicants business worth up to £12,000 in year 1 for Advertising & Growth.
Imprinted will fund & provide the lucky applicant their fully designed website, hosting, accountancy and everything else required to run the business. A complete turnkey setup.
Imprinted will fulfill all product printing and shipping for orders.
The lucky applicant will own 100% of the business.
Imprinted are going to publicly share the entire journey so that anyone else can be inspired, learn how to do it and grow their own side hustle themselves.

What on Earth is POD??

The Print on Demand or POD business has seen 44% year over year growth, with the pandemic accelerating things even more as sellers moved away from traditional production to ‘on demand’. You might never have heard of it, but simply put it’s how most fashion retailers put designs, logos, slogans etc onto t-shirts, hoodies, kids clothing amongst other things. Basically, items are put into massively complex & expensive printers, and they print ink directly onto the garment or item.

Hugely popular niche and household brands such as Muthahood (Strong Girls Club), Gymshark, Famous in Real Life and many more all started using the simple method of POD and grew from there, but they all got started in the same way. They had an idea, they got stuff printed and they sold it to enough people and grew. Simples (ish).

Here is a quick video we put together that shows the POD process:

Imprinted is in the business of supplying products, printing designs on them, then shipping the items directly to customers. There has never been an easier time to launch a side hustle on the internet and start making money. In fact Imprinted is so convinced of this, that’s why they are launching this dream business contest where one lucky applicant will end up owning their own business that could become their full time income and eventually earn them a small fortune.

Want to know more or apply?

Head on over to the Imprinted application page for further information and full T’s & C’s:

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