Parenting and mindfulness entrepreneur launches a brand-new collection of grief journals for children

Nima Patel, a 31-year-old entrepreneur from Leicester, has created a timely and powerful collection of grief journals for children. As the Founder of Mindful Champs, a business committed to enhancing children’s wellbeing through mindfulness, this new series adds to an already extensive collection of mental health-focused tools for children. It’s launch promises to support parents and young children alike, guiding them through what is often an incredibly challenging and emotional process.

Nima Patel, a former primary school teacher and nursery manager, mindfulness expert and certified conscious parenting coach, founded Mindful Champs in September 2020. After witnessing first-hand the lack of mental health education that’s currently available in schools, and unexpectedly losing her father, Nima realised that something needed to change. Children simply aren’t familiarised with mental wellbeing and grief, nor are they frequently equipped with the tools needed to process such challenging emotions or events. Taking this responsibility upon herself, Nima launched a business that strives to inspire positive progress, making mindfulness among children a common and widely embraced norm. Among Mindful Champs’ products lie mindfulness journals, affirmation posters, vision boards, affirmation puzzles and, now, thought-provoking grief journals.

The Mindful Champs Grief Journal is unique in its design and purpose; this journal helps children to understand death – an extremely difficult concept to grasp and discuss. Meanwhile, it allows children to explore and process their own emotions, lovingly supporting them through a critical stage in emotional development. The Grief Journal is filled with inspiring prompts, empowering stickers, thought-provoking activities and more, whilst encouraging children to say things that were left unsaid and be grateful for the memories that they’re left with.

Through using Mindful Champs Grief Journal, children are able to healthily explore and process their grief. Ultimately, this journal has been created to address a difficult subject, start important conversations, foster self-reflection and subsequently support families as they navigate this complex and emotional event. Talking about grief is critical, of course, but Nima believes that children ought to be writing about grief too, so as to better connect with their inner-selves and learn how to independently address new, testing emotions. Journaling has the power to help children create a stronger relationship with their thoughts and, as a result, themselves. As a result, the journal enriches children’s mental health, fostering invaluable skills that’ll support them throughout their lives.

Discussing the launch of Mindful Champs Grief Journal and why she feels now is a vital time to launch such a product, Nima Patel says:

“Grief is something that even adults struggle to understand; it’s one of life’s biggest emotional hurdles. As a result, when parents suffer a loss, they worry not only for themselves but for their children. Youngsters are often unfamiliar with loss and aren’t used to processing such challenging emotions. Meanwhile, every child processes grief differently. Understanding how best you can support your child is difficult and unfortunately mental health and emotional well-being resources in primary schools are somewhat limited; we’re provided with little insight into how we should discuss and address death with young children, leaving many parents feeling lost and overwhelmed.

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