Peckish with all this picnic talk? Here’s what’s in the UK’s picnic basket, making up the Ultimate British Picnic

Cath Kidston analysed search volumes to discover what food the UK loves when it comes to picnics.


Ham Sarnies, Coca Cola and of course – Banana Bread. 

A British classic, the ham sandwich is the most popular amongst Brits, closely followed by cheese and then the afternoon tea staple – Cucumber. For that bit of crunch, Prawn Cocktail takes the lead on the crisp front. A bit like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it – but Brits love Prawn Cocktail, the flavour storming into first place.

In second and third places are Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion – classic! Sandwiches and crisps are great but you always need some extra nibbles, and the Brits love Potato Salad. Originating in Germany, the boiled potato and mayonnaise combo is a winner in Britain’s eyes, closely followed by Quiche and of course – the mighty Sausage Roll.

Moving onto something sweet, when it comes to cakes, it isn’t surprising that Banana Bread has come up with the British public as through lockdown, people went mad for the stuff, baking it bringing some joy and fun into an otherwise tricky situation. In joint third place is the infamous Victoria Sponge, and the tangy lemon drizzle.

To wash it all down with, Coca Cola wins hands down. Us Brits love our fizzy drinks, with Coca Cola being our number one. Those bursting with energy placed Lucozade in joint second position with the Scottish favorite, Irn Bru.