Short of outdoor green space? No fear! Bring the outdoors indoors with gorgeously green house plants that are easy to look after and will thrive in any home environment.

Fatma Azakli, Resident Services Manager at Grainger plc’s Windlass Apartments advises: “Plants are a great way to bring green into your indoor living space and brighten any room.

“Not only that, with nature’s superpowers, they’ll absorb oxygen during the day and release it at night, helping you to get a better night’s sleep and keeping your space fresh and toxin free. Perfect for city living and that feel-good factor.”

Fatma recommends the top three indoor plants for your apartment that require minimal effort and will be happy in any light.


“A beautiful gift that keeps on giving, Devils Ivy looks stunning in any room and is perfect for hanging. It isn’t fussy when it comes to lighting either but will grow faster if near a window. Pop it on a mantel piece, hang from a window or balcony door or train it to climb shelves in the kitchen for an instant burst of colour, gorgeous decoration and jungle vibes – this plant does all the hard work for you.”


“Dracaena Trifasciata, commonly known as the snake plant, is one of the most popular and robust species of houseplants. These gorgeous plants not only look great, but they are also easy to look after and require virtually no care, perfect for those with a busy schedule. The snake plant is brilliant for the bedroom, releasing oxygen at night to give you a better sleep and will be happy in any light. Give it a drink every few weeks when the soil gets dry and feel like Alan Titchmarsh as your plant thrives with minimal effort.”


“Super low maintenance, Peace Lilly’s thrive in humid spots and will love your bathroom. Whilst they flower more in brighter spots, the Peace Lilly will be perfectly content to live life in the shade and is great at keeping the air clean and toxin free. The green leaves and white flowers will look gorgeous and compliment any colour theme – the perfect way to add those all-important finishing touches and bring a living space together.”

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