Pool skater and surfer Grayson Fletcher announces the launch of the ‘Nuclear Worm’ NFT project

Grayson Fletcher, third-generation pool skater and surfer, has announced the launch of the ‘Nuclear Worm’ NFT project for skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, and the motocross scene. ‘Nuclear Worm’ features 10,000 unique digital collectables – NFTs from Grayson Fletcher’s original artwork. A percentage will be given to support environmental causes.

The NFT owners gain access to the Nuclear Worm Survival Crew community and member-only benefits. The first 250 people to own a Nuclear Worm NFT are invited to an exclusive skatepark party in Southern California hosted by Greyson. Graded legendary, epic, rare, and common, translated from skateboard, surfboard, and snowboard artwork to metaverse-ready works.

Three generations of Fletchers are powering the ‘Nuclear Worm’ drop. Fletcher hails from a historic family well-entrenched in the surf industry. His father, Christian Fletcher, first appeared on the cover of Surfer magazine in 1988 and was one of the first to do aerials in surfing. His grandfather, Herbie Fletcher, closed out the 1966 World Surfing Semifinals, led the longboard renaissance of the 1970s and produces the “Wave Warrior” video series. His company, AstroDeck is the ultimate adhesive deck grip company for skate and surf boards — known around the world. Savvy writer and artisan Dibi Fletcher and Nathan Fletcher, titan of big-wave surfing innovation along with ViciNFT’s engineering team for NFT fulfillment round out the ‘Nuclear Worm’ NFT drop team.

The NFTs will be available at Nuclearworm with updates and visual sneak peeks through Instagram.

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