Practical tools to help emerging artists build a sustainable career


Toolroom Academy, the education platform of leading electronic label Toolroom Records, has revealed its new Artist Development Masterclass – a 360-degree learning programme in partnership with Berlin-based creative agency, Voltage Circus.

Launching in September 2024, the 12-month course is designed to look beyond the confines of the music studio, and actively engage emerging artists with a deep understanding of the modern music industry by equipping them with the tools and knowledge required to break through and develop a sustainable career in electronic music.

Supported by the findings of Toolroom Academy’s recently commissioned report “From Mix to Mainstage: A Blueprint for New Electronic Artists” which identified a range of common barriers faced by new artists trying to build a career in electronic music, the new masterclass is a meticulously researched solution to the many problems faced across topics including artist strategy, networking, Spotify algorithm hacks, DIY marketing and promotion, social media growth, and music law.

Promising students an immersive learning environment alongside a comprehensive and highly industry-relevant syllabus, the backbone of the masterclass features 100+ hours of video tutorials and four mentoring calls per week, providing a flexible teaching style that reflects the individual artistic needs of the students. Students receive regular homework and are tested on their knowledge across three major graded assessments, with the course ultimately guiding each student to have the tools needed to prepare their own 24-month business plan.

“Over the past 5 years, we’ve been on a mission at the Toolroom Academy to truly innovate House music education and to encourage our students unlock their creativity. Our next evolution is to help our students try and build sustainable careers, by equipping them with the skills and confidence to break through. I’m delighted to be partnering with Voltage Circus on our Artist Development Masterclass programme, to make what we think is the most comprehensive 360-degree learning experience in this field.” – Miles Shackleton, COO Toolroom Academy

Since launching in 2016, Toolroom Academy has supported the careers of thousands of students across its online mentoring programmes, production masterclasses and, more recently, the world’s first record label degree partnership. Students have gone on to sign music to labels including Spinnin Deep, Armada, and El Row, and Toolroom’s biggest-selling artist of 2023, Essel, was discovered through the academy.

This commitment to innovation in the electronic music space continues with the Artist Development Masterclass – a product that combines Voltage Circus’ razor-sharp expertise in technical marketing and artist strategy with Toolroom’s weight as a leading brand and educator in the electronic music space, providing students with access to a wealth of experience from industry professionals who care deeply about artist development education.

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