Secures £350,000 Innovate UK Grant To Revolutionise Charity Fundraising With AI is set to shake up charity fundraising after receiving a £350,000 Smart Grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. will use advanced AI and machine learning to help charities and non-profit organisations in the UK find and convert new donors. “ is a trailblazing project with the ambitious goal of transforming charitable fundraising through the power of data. We are using cutting-edge machine learning to unlock new fundraising avenues for charities, so they can do more good,” said Robyn Greaves, Co-Founder of

With nine out of ten UK charities facing increased service demands amidst weakening funds, is set to become a crucial tool to ensure future financial stability. By pooling behavioural data and preferences from an array of charities, creates a much deeper dataset. This collective intelligence enables even the smallest charities, which may lack extensive donor databases, to extract meaningful insights.

“We believe that there is a supporter for every cause, and a cause for every supporter – helps them find each other,” highlighted Robyn Greaves.

The company was born out of the vision of Robyn Greaves and Jeremy Healsmith, two entrepreneurs who, after witnessing the AI revolution in large corporations, were inspired to bridge the technological gap for smaller, purpose-driven organisations. Partnering with seasoned Technical Lead, Dr Sathish Sankarpandi, and in collaboration with acclaimed AI agency Orbital Global, the team envisioned a tool that would place advanced AI insights into the hands of every charity.

“AI technology is revolutionising every industry, and we refuse to let the charitable sector fall behind. is about levelling the playing field, ensuring that every charity has the opportunity to increase their donations and impact,” asserts Jeremy Healsmith, Co-Founder. directly addresses the urgent needs of the UK’s 168,407 charities with revenues under £10M, particularly those constrained by their lack of donor data.The platform aims to democratise AI-driven insights, challenging the elite 0.85% of charities that currently secure the lion’s share of UK donations. Through, charities in the UK are poised to drastically increase their fundraising, with a projected rise of at least 20% in donation revenues. And while will initially support UK charities, their ambitions are global, with aims to assist non-profits worldwide in revolutionising their fundraising approaches and strategies.

As they invite charities to be a part of their revolutionary journey, the platform is calling upon all non-profits to join them at for exclusive access, emerging insights and to be part of a community that aims to truly reshape the world through data-driven fundraising.

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