Revealed: the biggest pet peeves for commuters across the UK

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New research by Vita Coco has found that the commute is, by far, the number-one cause of daily stress for those across the UK – even topping weather woes and technology troubles

When it comes to the situations most likely to make tempers rise on the morning commute, the study found the top 10 annoyances to be:

  • People taking up seats with their bags (88%)
  • Public transport being late (86%)
  • Tube/train closures and cancellations due to overcrowding (86%)
  • Being stuck in traffic (83%)
  • Heat on tubes in the summer (79%)
  • Replacement bus service (74%)
  • Queuing for tickets/barriers (71%)
  • Being forced to stand on public transport (69%)
  • A stranger trying to engage in conversation on public transport (50%)
  • Bicycles getting in the way (46%)

With this in mind, Vita Coco set out to crack a smile on commuters’ faces – tackling people’s biggest pet peeves with a host of surprises to simply improve their day, from impromptu massages to free Oyster cards and even a chauffeured helicopter to work.

Pet Peeve 1 – We are a nation dedicated to forming and respecting a Great British queue

The hilarious reaction of complete bewilderment as strangers not only engage in polite conversation with commuters…but then offer them a FREE train ticket.

Pet Peeve 2 – #YouKnowWhoYouAre – DON’T be this person!

It’s official…putting your bag on a seat and talking very loudly is the MOST annoying thing you can do on a tube.

Pet Peeve 3 – Replacement helicopter service?

Commuter wins helicopter ride to work in the most random act of kindness you’ve ever seen.

Pet Peeve 4 – Twenty minutes of making friends with someone’s armpit is enough to send anyone’s stress levels through the roof 

Busy commuters are greeted from the tube with free massages and giant industrial fans

Pet Peeve 5 – The worst word in the English (commuting) language…”delayed” – no wait, “cancelled”!!!

As London suffered week-long strikes on the underground, a fleet of rickshaws descended on Waterloo to save stranded commuters

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