Rhythm Section INTL announces new LP “Fluid Motion”

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Those familiar with the 30/70 universe will instantly recognise the cosmic melange of boom-bap dynamics, neo-soul harmonies and spiritual jazz textures that have defined their sound since their debut release ‘Cold Radish Coma’ caused a stir back in 2015.

This formula was majestically expanded upon with their critically acclaimed 2017 release ‘Elevate’ on Rhythm Section INTL. ‘Elevate’ did exactly that – elevating both the scope of the band’s sound as well as their standing in the local and international community.

Once again, the Melbourne-based quintet have managed to up the ante with their latest single ‘Tempted’ which provides a feverish glimpse into what awaits us in the full length LP ‘Fluid Motion’, due out later this year. An instant classic; at once seductive and outspoken, ‘Tempted’ simmers with a potent tension unleashed through daring vocals, searing sax hits and frenetic percussion work, all held down by luscious chords and a tighter-than-tight bassline. This is the work of a band at their creative peak. Despite coming in at under four minutes the track manages to meander effortlessly through a breadth of emotions, moods and sonic landscapes.

Since the last record was released, the music has brought the band on world tours and to the attention of the wider public and key tastemakers alike. Strongly supported by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Tom Ravenscroft, Jamie Cullum, Matthew Halsall and Bradley Zero, the UK has become something of a second home for 30/70. London in particular has openly embraced the soulful sounds of Melbourne, as evidenced by Gilles’ latest Brownswood compilation ‘Sunny Side Up’ which features three tracks from 30/70 members: Ziggy Zeitgeist, Horatio Luna and Allysha Joy. The record is a follow up to his era-defining survey of the UK Jazz scene ‘We Out Here’, the compilation that kickstarted a whole generation of London’s under-the-radar Jazz kids to global headlining heights. It would appear we’re about to witness this same effect take place for the Melbourne contingent, of which 30/70 lead the charge. The city’s invasion is well and truly upon us… While London is undoubtedly in love with what’s happening in Melbourne right now, this is no one way love affair. The 30/70 collective have had their ears to the ground and plugged into the sound of the UK underground. This new album takes inspiration from the syncopation of Broken-Beat, the immediacy of Grime’s and Dub’s sonic aesthetic to create something that is a truly global amalgamation of local sounds, finessed by Allysha Joy’s instantly recognisable vocals; the rawest and realest of voices.

As the band prepare to embark on an EU tour, ahead of launching their most accomplished and promising body of work to date, their progress in just a few short years hits home. From our first encounters at one of the earliest gigs in a cosy Melbourne basement with a handful of people in attendance, to selling out some of the city’s most prominent music venues, 30/70 have undeniably blossomed, but their journey is far from over. ‘Tempted’ seems aptly named for a teaser single that draws you in a leaves you wanting more from a hotly anticipated album. It was love at first sight for us – are you tempted?

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