Rugby star Mike Myerscough joins fast growing sports agency Elite Player Management to break the mould and look after players’ welfare

Elite Player Management (EPM) has today announced that Professional rugby player Mike Myerscough has joined the team as Head of Player Welfare to provide outstanding support to current and retired rugby players and footballers. Mike has enjoyed a successful career on the pitch and is now taking what he’s learnt to support other players, and retired players’ welfare.

Mike retired from professional rugby in December 2018 due to suffering a concussion that left him unconscious for two minutes on the pitch. This injury is just one of many he’s experienced during his career and unfortunately, he did not always felt support by his club and management at the time. This is what led Mike to join EPM – to ensure other players and retired players feel supported with their mental and physical health as a happy player off-field is a better player on-field.

Mike Myerscough commented: “Being forced into retirement hit me hard and changing career has been daunting, however, my new role at EPM is great, I love supporting others and sharing the knowledge I’ve learnt along the way. We help players prepare for life after retirement, such as training in new areas, work experience, qualifications, and entrepreneurial skills.”

EPM is looking to disrupt the sports management marketplace, with its unique point of difference and that is player welfare. Player welfare starts whilst the players still have their boots on, addressing the players game plan off the field allows the player to keep an eye on their eventual exit out the game. Working with numerous professional partners, EPM is helping professional sports people improve their mindset and skill set outside of rugby, helping players fast-track in education, and gain work experience and entrepreneurial skills.

The vast majority of professional sports men and women will have to seek a second career, that means when their boots are hung-up, they will either need to start working for a boss, or run their own business. It’s simply an unavoidable reality, and EPM positions the player for that day, so that they can continue living the lifestyle that sport has afforded them.

Since inception in February 2019, Elite Player Management (EPM) has enjoyed superb growth, managing in excess of 140 professional rugby players, and has just signed up its first professional boxer and three professional footballers.

Matt Bressons, CEO of EPM, said: “It’s the changing room banter, the interaction between players. It’s a known fact that many player agents or sports managers only negotiate contracts between players and clubs. Our mindset is completely different, we believe in frequent communication and understanding our players needs both on and off the field. Looking at their eventual exit allows us to help the player position themselves for that day when they eventually hang up their boots.

“Mental health issues in sport are real, and more and more players are speaking out about the mental health issues they have endured and the negative spiral associated to them. It is well documented in the press about mental health within rugby specifically, and numerous former professionals such as Jonny Wilkinson and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ have spoken out. At EPM we believe that prevention is better than cure, and by working with the players whilst they are involved in sport, giving the players a way to speak out allowing them the mindset skills, and the outside interest in skill development, will result in a reduction in mental health issues.”

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