SA Spurs Keldon Johnson Hot, Yet Overlooked by Fantasy Sports Teams

by Desere Davis


Keldon Johnson, the 21-year-old San Antonio Spurs player, is a bright athlete but doesn’t seem to be valued as much.

Players like Paul George and Anthony Davis are popular choices but he deserves to be just as well-known.

Although he’s not as seasoned as the popular players, Johnson is a rising star that should be watched closely.

Still somewhat new to the pro game, the Kentucky-born sportsman has a lot to prove and is doing so quite well.

His games are a lot of fun to watch, as it’s obvious he has great talent.

Making Moves

Since he started playing for the Spurs, Keldon Johnson has shown that he has a lot of talent and drive to be a great player.

Fans of basketball have seen very impressive box scores from him early in his second season, proving that he’s got what it takes to be brilliant.

He managed to post consecutive 20-point games, and for the second time in his relatively young career.

The Kentucky-born player has really strong defensive rates, and they resulted in a very impressive 2.4 ‘stocks’ (steals and blocks) per game.

To show his admirable talent, Keldon put up 17 points, nine rebounds, one steal and four assists in his game against the Timberwolves.

The San Antonio Spurs went on to win this game 125-122 overtime, and the young player had a big role to play in this victory.

Rising Star


Keldon Johnson is undeniably a fantastic player in the making and if things continue the way they are, he will be one of the Spur’s biggest stars.

Although he had a rather quiet rookie season, Johnson was able to play an important role in keeping the team’s playoff hopes alive.

His great performance may have been a bit below the radar, but it did not go unnoticed.

NBA Fantasy Sports players have started to see that the young man has a lot of potential. Still, he’s not as popular as he should be.

He has been getting a lot of minutes, honing his skills as a starting forward. He averaged 31 minutes in ten games for the start of the season. That alone shows that the coach, Gregg Popovich, has faith in his abilities.

If you’re looking for fresh meat to add to your fantasy team (read here), he could be just what you need.

When you compare his statistics to what he achieved in the previous season, it’s clear that he has come a long way. His skills have greatly improved and it’s likely that he will only continue to improve as he gets more playtime.

It is believed by many NBA Fantasy Sports fans that the youngster has the chance to become one of the Spurs’ top guys. This makes him a much safer bet for those who like to put some money on their games.

You could say he is a ‘winning’ ticket to cash in on for a solid sports betting app, like Against The Spread.

Keldon Johnson has a lot of potential to rise above other players and solidify his name as the team’s go-to guy. Sure, he needs to score more buckets and become a legit threat, but he has what it takes.

In the future, he could lead the Spurs on the defensive end and take them to many glorious victories.

This is especially likely with the inevitable departure of the team’s current star players. Guys like DeRozan and Aldridge may not be around for much longer, and then players such as Keldon can step up.

Since Kawhi Leonard left a few seasons ago, it has become apparent that San Antonio needs to focus on future talent. The current MVPs aren’t going to stick around forever, after all.


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