Scotch Egg deliveries skyrocket following social prank

Deliveroo has seen a 416% spike in Scotch Egg orders following the Scott Chegg prank taking over the internet.

The Scott Chegg joke went viral over the weekend, with partners, friends and family using the pun to make up an imaginary person named ‘Scott Chegg’ mirroring the popular ‘Scotch Egg’ dish. Twitter has been flooded with tweets of Brits throwing shade at their loved ones who fell victim to the prank, and it seems this chatter has got people craving the old-school egg snack.

With a 416% increase in Deliveroo orders of Scotch Eggs compared with last month, the food-delivery company has revealed who’s been devouring the most of them.

The top five cities placing orders for Scotch Eggs on Deliveroo include;

1.      Bristol – Waitrose Scotch Egg, Waitrose (Clifton)

2.      Plymouth – Speciality Scotch Egg (VG), Cosmic Kitchen

3.      London – Waitrose Scotch Egg, Waitrose (multiple)

4.      Bournemouth – Waitrose Scotch Egg, Waitrose (Parkstone)

5.      Norwich – Co-op 2 Scotch Eggs, Co-op (Sprowston Road)

Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo, said: “I was another victim of the Scott Chegg joke. 2020 has been the year of viral memes and pranks on social, but this is possibly the most elaborate yet. Needless to say we are stunned by the huge spike in Scotch Egg orders on the platform this month. If there are any real people called Scott Chegg out there, please stand up – your next Scotch Egg is on Deliveroo!”

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