Self-Isolating Brits Set To Save Cash

With millions of Britons preparing to hunker down and self-isolate to minimise risk of Corona virus, experts have revealed the cost of one month self-imposed quarantine.

Experts from financial website The Money Pig say each of us can survive comfortably for 30 days on a budget of £265 without having to cross the threshold of our own front door.

With some older people already choosing to self-isolate the economy is braced for impact as increasing numbers of Britons choose not to spend their cash on entertainment and meals out.

Those who do choose to stay at home will also have fewer expenses without having to fork out for petrol or other transport costs and less opportunities to buy goods on impulse when out and about.

The cash saving experts said some people would view a period of quarantine as an opportunity to cut back on their spending and save money while others would seek to pamper themselves and fill the house with treats to compensate for not going out.

They looked at the cost of buying in three meals a day for 30 days along with household goods, drinks, snacks and other essentials.

Factoring in breakfast at an average of £1 a day, lunch at £2 and dinner at just £3 a day, the experts said it would be possible to survive on just £180 for the month.

When a few extras are added such as snacks, weekend drinks and household essentials such as toothpaste and toilet paper the total came to £265 – giving a daily budget of £8.83 per person to live, eat and drink well.

The experts said by buying in bulk and stocking up on tinned and frozen foods households can save considerable sums compared to their usual weekly shop.

A spokesman for The Money Pig said: “Many households are currently considering battening down the hatches and staying home over the coming weeks.

“While isolating against a virus isn’t something any of us would choose to do, it is likely to result in considerable cash savings for many people.

“Planning ahead always helps when it comes to saving cash and the current situation will mean millions of people are doing just that.

“By buying in bulk and shopping online many families will make serious savings when compared to their usual shopping costs.

“Of course many people will want to compensate themselves for not going out by stocking up on treats but even then they should still be saving money with less temptation for impulse purchase and no costs of travel or commuting.”

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