Seven factors that can impact your car insurance price

Insuring your car is an expense you can’t avoid, however, research from GoodBye Car has found that it’s more costly for some than others. Read on to discover the seven factors that could be impacting your own car insurance price.

Seven factors that can impact your car insurance price

Employment status

Disabled and retired drivers pay almost double that of those in employment

Education status
Student nurses are charged the most for car insurance

Driving licence type

EU licence holders charge over £1,400 more for car insurance

Driving qualifications

Additional driving qualifications can increase your car insurance quote by over £450

Medical conditions

Medical conditions or disabilities can increase car insurance by up to £865

Bad policy history

A bad insurance policy history can cost you over £1,000

Criminal convictions

Criminal convictions can add £1,000 to your car insurance

Looking at employment status, GoodBye Car found the average insurance premium for retirees to be the most expensive at an eyewatering £1,743.

Whereas someone with the employment status as a ‘house person’ has the cheapest insurance premium as £859.66, which is over 50% cheaper than a retiree.

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