Seven Tips for Small Businesses Amidst ‘Brexit Uncertainty’

New survey data reveals small business owners are feeling optimist ahead of the impending Brexit deadline on the 31st January 2020. A whopping 51% of UK SME owners have revealed they’re optimistic about the future. Commercial legal solicitors, Spratt Endicott advise there are still legalities that SME business owners should be aware of and putting into action in a bid to place their business in the best possible position ahead of the Brexit deadline.

New data from a study conducted by Clearwater International has revealed out of the 2,100 European companies surveyed in major Western European economies, Brexit anxiety is present across Europe, with 23.9% of all firms highlighting it as being among the top three challenges their business faces.

However, while anticipating and preparing for Brexit is a short-term issue, particularly as many still have doubt over the actual leaving date, 46.5% of European firms in the study are a lot more optimistic about their fortunes post-Brexit, including 51% of British companies.