Sex toys sales soar as Brits take to ‘working’ from home

In light of self-isolation, it’s not just loo roll that is in high demand!

Sex toy sales are currently on the rise. And with the Italians, American and Canadians currently leading the global run, it’s not long for the Great British public take to their screens and sales sore.

Statistics already show that amidst panic buying UK sales have increased by 13%, whilst globally Canada has seen an 135% increase, and Italy showing increases of up to 71%.
Commenting on the global surge in sex toys, leading men’s wellness platform Manual says:
Dating and coronavirus are not a compatible pair, so singles are driving their attention away from dating apps and more towards how they can pleasure themselves in this time of self isolation. 
Currently, people around the world are attempting to limit their exposure to others, which includes time away from dating and meeting new love interests. We all have sexual needs and, naturally, people are going to find a way to pleasure themselves if they’re not in a relationship. Similar to the winter months or during a black out, romantic partners often use sex as their favourite way to pass the time. For those singles out there that still want to experience sexual pleasure in this time of social distancing, sex toys could be the answer.