Six tips to quickly make your garden a heatwave heaven

With yet another hot spell on the way, we’re in for more perfect BBQ weather.

Gardening expert, Tom Luck, from Growing Revolution has shared his six quick tips for those hoping to host friends and family in the garden this weekend.

Tom said: “If your outdoor area needs a little renovation, don’t worry, you don’t need a whole season to transform your garden from a shrubbery heathen to a heatwave heaven. I’ve got a few hacks up my sleeve that can make a speedy garden transformation easy as pie.”

1.Cut the lawn and sweep the patio

Simply tidying the space makes a surprising amount of difference in very little time. A freshly cut lawn and patio that’s clear of fallen leaves, dead weeds and layers of dust creates a welcoming aesthetic for guests. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of freshly mown grass?

2.Cover unsightly walls

Uninspiring walls and fences can easily be renovated by introducing a vertical garden – and that’s not as scary as it sounds. Growing Revolution’s PlantBoxes are easy to install and can house plenty of colourful plants to hide pasty walls or faded fences. Your living wall system can be delivered by the weekend, and your local garden centre will surely stock brightly coloured pre-grown flowers to plant that’ll immediately elevate your outdoor space.

3.Go inside out

When you’re going to be basking in the sun all day, the garden needs comfy furnishings, just like in the living room. Don’t be afraid to bring indoor furniture outside to create a practical spot to relax, dine and socialise.

4.Keep it neat

Taking time to prune overgrown bushes and pull out any unwanted weeds is the simplest way to sharpen up that garden. It’s a simple and rewarding activity and is ideal for winding down after work.

5.Throw some shade

Provide a protective parasol or position your furniture under a tree for those who are sensitive to the strong UV. Not only will this elevate your garden’s aesthetic but will also keep you safe from the sun’s harsh rays and allow for shady reading space.


Don’t forget a trusty wireless speaker to set the mood and show off your summertime playlist. Funky cutlery and tabletop accessories bring the colour and jazz to your garden entertaining.

Tom added: “Most importantly of all, the sun is the main attraction this weekend so love your outdoor space for what it is and enjoy the balmy weather!”

Growing Revolution is one of the UK’s leading living wall suppliers. With its innovative PlantBox product, it is helping more people access green space. Made from 100% recycled materials and with a cascading watering system that simplifies plant care, its product was commended as a finalist in the 2021 RHS Chelsea Sustainable Garden Product of the Year awards. Visit to find out more and shop.

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