Sleeping Prophet Who Left His Body Saw Apprentice Winner In A Dream, Mentioned on Twitter Weeks Ago

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Psychic Astrologer and Past Life Regression expert Nicolas Aujula ( had a vivid dream weeks ago, where he saw Leeds based swimwear designer Sian Gabbidon winning the Apprentice 2018 weeks before she actually took the title. Writing on his twitter account back in November saying ‘My psychic prediction is that Sian Gabbidon will win BBC The Apprentice, stay tuned’ – – Nicolas clearly stated his psychic prophecy.

The sleeping prophet has often seen the future in dreams and visions, believes that we can all be more psychic by practising daily meditation and self awareness to heighten our sixth sense, that can also enhance career prospects, improve our relationships, choose the right friends, improve mental health and make better life decisions. Other dreams that the mystic has seen in the past that have come true include the Syrian conflict, assassination of Benazir Bhutto and rise in fascist ideologies. He has had dreams of an economic downturn from Spring 2019 onwards, Queen will live till 97 and Michelle Obama is involved in a car accident. Nicolas has read for businessmen, celebrities and housewives – Watch Nicolas read for 80’s icon Toyah Wilcox –

The London based expert reveals “During my dream that night I could see the apprentice final which was so bizarre and random, I could see this dark skinned women had won by the elation on her face, I just wanted to say this is your destiny, enjoy the success. I’m not a follower of the show but the next day I had to look up the contestants and to my surprise I saw Sian Gabbidon who looked exactly like the women in my dream. As I looked at her picture, I just kept hearing this voice that she would win and now I’m really delighted that she has been crowned the Apprentice 2018. To me it’s proof of our ability to see the future and that we all have a destiny where we reap what we’ve sown previously. From an early age, I’ve always had a strong psychic sense being able to decipher people, sense spirits and would often see things before they would happen through dreams and visions. Whilst I’m sleeping at night I’m aware that my energetic body often leaves my physical being to go travelling into the spiritual realms.’

Revealing further ‘I sense that Sian is a hard working women who had faced lots of criticism and lack of support from others to get to this point, having to rely on herself not only financially but also emotionally, which has given her a steely determination that does not give up. Very creative and sees the big pictures, her weakness is the finer details and practical element need development. Her love life seems in disarray where she is questioning relationships not making her happy that really plays on her mind especially during downtime. I could see her achieve global success would need to diversify into others areas like beauty and travel which are profitable. Deeply emotional and possessive of those she loves, she must keep relationships light hearted for the next 3 years in order to fulfil her ambitions. She will clash with Lord Sugar due to his direct persona and stifling her ideas but can gain essential business wisdom if she pays attention, their business relationship will be short term as Sian will be ready move forward to expand by herself’

From an early age, Nicolas Aujula always has a strong psychic sense being able to decipher people, sense spirits and would often see things before they would happen through dreams and visions. When he was a baby at one and half, his father was killed in a hit and run in West London. Growing up Nicolas would often see his dad in spirit looking over him ‘I would feel his presence around me and hear his words of love and encouragement, it was a comforting energy to be surrounded by. I have a tendency to walk fast always on the go and there was one occasion where a car came out of no one from the corner, I felt this strong energy push me to the side with great force as the car whizzed by, it was my dad trying to protect me. Loved ones may die but they are always with us’.

Nicolas also began studying planetary movements and their influence on human behaviour through Astrology during his teens. The 33 year old sheds light on some his other psychic experiences: ‘In my early 20’s, one evening I experienced the most excruciating pain in my head like someone has squeezed my brain that lasted for about 2 minutes then it passed. I saw an image in my mind off my friend Bubbly and could hear her calling my name. I called her immediately but no one answered, later that day I found that that she died from a brain haemorrhage around the same time as my pain. It’s times like this I realise how we are all connected as energetic beings and are capable of connecting beyond the physical if we choose to practise self awareness’

At age 17 he fell into a trance state that stimulated past memories which changed his entire outlook. He realised he has lived at least a thousand previous lives and been reincarnated time and time again as a male, female, transgender, animal and even beings (alien) in other parts of the universe. At the time Nicolas discovered his ‘past’ he was studying for his A-levels, planning to go to university but made a U-turn to follow his spiritual destiny as a Psychic Astrologer and Past Life Regression therapist. Nicolas has been been known to heal chronic health complaints like migraines, asthma, IBS, depression, through taking people back to the source of their ailments in their past-lives as he believes we all carry forth old dynamics and patterns.

By age 23, the budding psychic astrologer and regression therapist was chosen by leading UK psychic mediums Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker, famed for their controversial Diana séance to star alongside them on ‘Our Psychic Family’ TV-series on the Biography Channel where he impressed by reading for 80’s icon Toyah Wilcox and further honed his psychic abilities with the professional duo.

Psychic Astrologer Nicolas Aujula who has also appeared on ‘Man vs Weird’ for Channel 4 says we all have psychic tendencies that can be honed, ‘Many people know when someone is going to call before the phone rings, have a feeling of looming news or have sensed a loved one around them but don’t always play heed to these inner messages, often attributing them to coincidence. By developing self awareness, we can fine tune our innate psychic abilities as we all have a sixth sense as there is more to us than just the physical. When I see something psychic, I say what I see, hear or feel and then I’ll offer an interpretation of what I think the vision means. The vision is always correct, however my interpretation may not always be perfect, that’s part and parcel of being psychic”

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