SnowStorming into 2019 – new snow-based obstacle course launches

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SnowStormer – the UK’s first ever snow-based obstacle run, launches today, with the events set to take place in snow domes across the country.

Set over a 15-degree incline and with sub-zero temperatures, the 5km course will feel more like 10km+ expedition and is guaranteed to challenge even the most ambitious adventurer. Challengers will run, climb, tunnel and slide across 25 obstacles incorporating both the indoors and outdoors, including a big airbag finish for the very bravest.

Obstacles will vary in size and difficulty, including a range of themed signature obstacles such as the SnowStormer Yeti run, cryo tunnels, giant inflatables and ice walls. With an approximate total time of an hour to an hour and a half, this brand new event provides the most breathtaking and memorable running event around.

SnowStormer has been founded on the principles of arctic training and the additional challenge that exercising in sub-zero temperatures brings to competitors. Indeed, research shows running in the cold ensures the body is working at a higher intensity and burning more calories along the way.

Unlike the limited window for snow in ski resorts, SnowStormer events run throughout the year, providing budding competitors with access to the slopes and mountain vibes all year round.

Of course, no mountain event would be complete without the essential après ski party, so finishers can expect to be rewarded with a unique mix of themed street food, cocktails and DJs in the basecamp Finishers’ Village – hopefully with some beautiful sunshine to boot.

“Our SnowStormer events combine the UK’s love for obstacle courses with the principles of arctic training and of course a lot of fun in between. We think it offers participants a truly unique experience,” said Chris Wood, Chief Executive Officer of SnowStormer.

“Steeper, colder and more exhilarating than anything before it – it really is the ultimate experience for new and seasoned competitors.”

The first events take place in Milton Keynes and the Castleford Snozone venues, and Manchester’s Chill Factore from July 2019.

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