Spotlight on Fashion Designer Rose Appleton

by Matthew Martino

As London Fashion Week is drawing nearer we caught up with an exciting talent and recent graduate Rose Appleton; a Womenswear designer specialising in eveningwear.

Her design focus is mainly based on fabric manipulations combined with challenging silhouettes.

To create unique design elements, Rose experiments with draping to create interesting silhouette shapes.

Her garments exude an otherworldly and sometimes etherial feel.

Rose has graduated from the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art with a BA Fashion and Textile design qualification.

How did you get into being a fashion designer?

Since a young age, I always wanted to know the latest trends and want to learn how to make garments so being able to begin making basic garments from the age of 14 was huge for me. Confirming my love to be a Fashion Designer I would say was beginning my degree at Winchester School of Art where they allow you to design outfits and collections in your own style to show you as the designer you really want to be.

What drives you?

Sharing my creativity is probably the thing that drives me most. Letting others see what my thought process is in a collection is probably the most satisfying thing to see. To be able to understand you, even just a little bit. I think if nothing drives you and you do not have a love in whatever profession you decide to do then the fulfillment of a job is lost.

How has your personal life influenced your career?

My personal life has impacted my career quite a lot. Having a creative family definitely pushed me onto wanting to produce my own area of design, which is obviously fashion. Having a father that made a business from sign-writing definitely proved to me that anything you set your mind to can be accomplished.

What was your greatest success in the past few years?

My greatest success was producing my first collection I could not have been more proud of and being able to show others the creativity that I have in producing different style silhouettes.

Do you have a Muse you wish you could see wearing your designs?

I wouldn’t say I have a muse, I just like to design for a woman that wants to wear something that little bit different.

Do you have a story you are particularly fond of, from the early years of your career?

The story I have is when I was deciding on a print design for my final collection. I played around with a lot of sublimation printing before deciding on the perfect print to use but when showing my choice of print to my tutors at university they wanted me to use one I really did not like. As much as I wanted to make them love my collection, I realised that I needed to be the one watching my show absolutely loving my collection and to be proud of it. So this story proves to me that you always, no matter what have to follow your instinct as it is there for a reason.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to gain more experience in producing garments and designing a new collection for Autumn/Winter. I hope to one day have a successful brand with Rose Appleton as the name above a shop door. But first on the agenda is showing my collection at Fashions Finest SS18 this London Fashion Week.

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