That Zara Dress – New Polka Swap Shop allows people to customise ‘that dress’ for free

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The online fair casino PlayOJO has today launched the ‘Polka-Swap Shop’ – a completely free service which offers women the chance to have Zara’s unwaveringly popular polka dot dress customised, altered or tailored into a new style, completely free of charge.

The £39.99 polka dot dress from Zara has proven to be this summer’s must-have fashion hit, but its popularity has proven to have some negative side effects too – with countless customers complaining that they can now no longer wear it out, out of fear of being spotted and dotted. The phenomenon has grown to such an extent, there are now Instagram channels exclusively dedicated to photographing people wearing the dress.

By partnering with Make and Mend Seamstress, PlayOJO are looking to provide a solution to this unfortunate fashion faux-pas – by paying to have the dresses customised, allowing women to boast a unique look, while maintaining the comfort and design qualities that have made the dress so popular.

Helen Hartley from PlayOJO said:

“When it comes to fashion, there are few things worse than being spotted in the same outfit as someone else and with thousands of spotty Zara dresses sold this year, the chances of this happening are unfairly high this summer!

“The dress’s popularity stems from its simplicity, comfort and affordability – meaning people of all shapes and sizes have been able to look effortlessly chic on a budget, but the benefit is lost when everyone else is wearing it. We believe this is unfair and hope our customisation service will allow people to retain everything they love about the dress, whilst now boasting a look that can’t be got on the high street.”

Charlotte founder of Make and Mend Seamstress said:

“When a dress ticks these many boxes, it’s easy to see how it becomes so popular. It’s a dress that works for everyone, but our aim is to help make it become a dress that can deliver for the individual too.

“From losing the sleeves to adjusting the length, there are so many small changes we can make that will lead to a big, completely different look – but without losing the qualities of the dress that made it so popular.”


If you would like to enter your Zara dress into the “Polka-Swap Shop”, you can do so by following this simple process:

  1. Send an email to – please include a picture of you wearing the dress to assist the alterations team.
  2. You will then be sent the recommended alterations the Make and Mend team will undertake to make your dress look different (or similar words). You must approve these alterations before sending your dress for the work to start. All alterations are FINAL and any further alterations – unless correcting errors – will NOT be covered by PlayOJO.
  3. Once you are happy with the suggested alterations, we will arrange for postage delivery to Make and Mend Seamstress.
  4. Once the alterations are made, we will resend your adapted dress to an address of your choosing.
  5. Due to capacity, it is unlikely we will be fulfil every order we receive. However, if we are unable to fulfil your order, we will communicate accordingly and there will be no expense to the customer.

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