The best (and worst) UK areas to live if you want your children to attend a school with outstanding Ofsted ratings

Schools in the City of London have the best Ofsted reports of all the UK, while Wiltshire has the worst, new research1 reveals.

The research, conducted by regulated property buyers, Good Move looked at Ofsted ratings, as well as population numbers, green space, house prices, crime rates, life expectancy, and disposable income from counties and regions across the country, to help home buyers determine the best and worst places to live based on their preferences.

Having analysed the data, Good Move reimagined the UK map, visualising how the areas would expand on the UK map if we considered these factors. The bigger the area, the higher the factor.

Having collated the data, the areas with the best Ofsted reports, based on the percentage of schools in the area rated as outstanding, are:

  1. City of London (100%)
  2. Surrey (29%)
  3. Hertfordshire (25%)
  4. Bedfordshire (25%)
  5. Cheshire (22%)

The City of London takes the top spot with the best Ofsted reports, with a huge 100% of schools being ranked as outstanding. The next counties with the highest outstanding Ofsted reports are Surrey (29%), Hertfordshire (25%), Bedfordshire (25%), and Cheshire (22%).

At the other end of the scale, Good Move’s research can reveal the counties with the worst Ofsted reports, based on the percentage of schools in the area rated as outstanding, are:

  1. Wiltshire (10%)
  2. Derbyshire (11%)
  3. Cumbria (11%)
  4. Sussex (12%)
  5. Cambridgeshire (12%)

Just 10% of schools in Wiltshire are rated as outstanding, followed by 11% of schools in Derbyshire and Cumbria, and 12% of schools in Sussex and Cambridgeshire.

So, if you are looking to relocate your family and want to ensure there are good schools nearby, here are some helpful tips for scoping out a good school for your children:


Check out the facilities beforehand if possible by asking for a tour. Take a look at the classrooms as well as the dining and outdoor area. First impressions really do count so trust your instinct when viewing the premises.

Extra-curricular activities

If your child likes trying new things, definitely do your research to determine whether the school offers extra-curricular activities such as after school clubs. Schools that offer these activities genuinely have the passion and dedication for their school to be great and offer the pupil everything they need.

Ask how you can be involved in your child’s education experience

Do parents volunteer in the classroom? Are there bulletin boards to keep you connected with the latest school news? Are some parents on the board of governors? Choosing a school that allows you to be part of your child’s education will help you stay connected.

Commenting on the study, Nima Ghasri, Director at Good Move, says: “When looking to move home, there are many important factors to consider, and if you have children then Ofsted reports will be one of the most important things to think about when moving your family to a new area.

“This is why we created this interactive map that adjusts the size of the factor to the size of the area – we want all potential buyers to see which area in the UK is best for them and their families to live based on the factors they care most about, including Ofsted reporting.”

To look at the interactive map, please visit:

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