The Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection Recommended by Wayne Goss; Chinese Cosmetics Become Popular in UK

Recently, a Chinese cosmetics brand called Florasis has become popular in British fashion.

Cosmetic artist Wayne Goss expressed their appreciation for Florasis without reservation. Goss said, “I hope Florasis can come to Britain so that more people can experience its well-made products,” making Florasis products very popular among British consumers.

Florasis was established in 2017, and its mission is to pass on and promote Eastern aesthetics. It has grown rapidly in China, and its 2020 sales are expected to exceed 500 million US dollars.

The latest Florasis product, with a strong Chinese ethnic look, is called the Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection. The collection has been inspired by the silver ornaments and patterns of the Miao, one of China’s ethnic minorities. Miao people are mainly found in Southwest China, and are good at silver ornaments and embroidery. Silver has long been important for ornaments and wedding articles in these areas.

However, like many traditional crafts worldwide, Miao silver ornaments are also facing extinction with the development of modern industry. In order for more people to enjoy the beauty of Miao silver ornaments, working with the well-known Chinese fashion anchor Li Jiaqi and Miao silver ornament craftsmen, Florasis has launched the Chinese Miao Ethnic Minority Silver Limited Collection, inspired by Miao cultural elements.

Florasis’s previously launched cosmetics products all have strong Chinese characteristics. For example, its lipstick with carved patterns and eyeshadow palette with phoenix patterns use traditional Chinese micro-carving and relief techniques, demonstrating the aesthetics and manufacturing techniques of Chinese cosmetics.

This collection has strong Eastern ethnic characteristics and has quickly become popular among British consumers. This may indicate that with economic globalization, the Eastern wave will gradually reach European and American countries, becoming an international trend. Ethnic beauty is also the world’s beauty.

Fashion is shared by all nations and races, and is more attractive and stronger ethnic beauty is likely to become an international trend.

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