The Grand Park Hotel Rovinj in Croatia is the winner of the “Hotel Property Award 2020”

This year’s “Hotel Property Award 2020” has been awarded to the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj in Croatia, designed by 3LHD Architects. The Award was presented this month as part of the hotelforum conference.

Andreas Martin, Managing Director of hotelforum management GmbH: “This year’s prize-winner has impressed us by successfully combining the clear, modern architectural language of Croatian architects 3LHD from Zagreb with the elegant Italian interior design signature of Piero Lissoni and partners from Milan.

The Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is integrated into the surroundings in such a way that guests can enjoy a variety of spectacular views of the bay and of the town of Rovinj. In combination with the intensive greening of the building, this means that the hilly coastline between the waterside and the surrounding pine trees is treated with respect.”

The Grand Park Hotel Rovinj replaces the former Park Hotel and is situated on a slightly elevated position in a pine grove in Rovinj Bay, with a view of Catarina Island, directly off the coast, and of the picturesque Old Town of Rovinj. There are 209 rooms and suites on the hotel’s six floors. The hotel offers two bars and two restaurants on the upper floors, directly adjacent to the hotel lobby.

These include Cap Aureo, predominantly a vegetable restaurant, as well as three other gastronomic establishments on the hotel building’s ground floor, which opens onto the marina where there are various boutiques. In addition, the two upper floors feature a very spacious 3,800 square metre wellness and spa area accommodating a total of three indoor and outdoor pools overlooking the bay of Rovinj. Access to the hotel by car and on foot is from the land side, via the 5th floor. The hotel has an extensive underground car park, which is built into the coastal cliffs and also has a public section that is accessible from the marina level.

The interdisciplinary 19-member jury pre-selected among the 40 candidate hotels from 12 European countries to choose ten nominees from four European countries.

Jan-Oliver Meding, Managing Partner of MPP and spokesperson of the hotelforum jury: “All three finalists are characterised by a high degree of empathy for integration into the overall environment of the respective hotels. Hotel developments should ideally bring new life and momentum to districts and neighbourhoods. They will not be remembered as isolated solitary objects, neither in the urban environment nor in the natural surroundings. The developers and operators of all three hotels have done this successfully.”

The three hotelforum finalists came from three different European countries for the first time. Martin: “Whether we are talking about holiday hotels on the waterfront or inner-city hotels, Europe is also growing together on a high level of quality in terms of hotel architecture. It is characteristic of the current market situation that two hotels in holiday destinations have been selected as finalists and that a holiday hotel has emerged as the winner of the competition for the second year running.”

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