Tips for Preparing Fashionably Themed Winter Wedding

Whether you’re ready to dress up as the cast of Game of Thrones, or plan to have your bridal party decked out in matching Swan Lake inspired tutus, making all necessary preparations is a must. If you are planning to get married in the winter, then your guests are going to need time to meet your highly specific specifications. It is going to take a lot of careful attention to the details to pull this whole thing off, but your themed winter wedding can be fashionable and memorable if you prepare correctly. Here are some tips for having a themed wedding that will go down in your family history.

1. Choose a Theme That You Really Love

Maybe you have always wanted to look like a fairy princess at your wedding. Or, maybe you have a preoccupation with zombie lore and can’t wait to dress up at one of the undead. Whatever it is that you love and appreciate, it should be reflected in the theme of your wedding. This is your special event, so picking the right theme is essential. When you browse this selection of wedding dresses, you will find many options that coordinate with your themed wedding. The Sposa Group offers wedding dresses for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and styles. Select the wedding dress of your dreams and then book an appointment at their boutique in Melbourne or Canberra. You can then focus your attention on preparing for the ultimate themed winter wedding.

2. Become Familiar with Your Sewing Machine

Okay, so no bride wants to hear this, but you might need to do quite a bit of sewing if your wedding is going to have an elaborate theme. Weddings that are unique and have original themes don’t always have all of the perfect coordinating elements. For example, you might order bridesmaids dresses for your entire party that go well with the theme, but they may need a bit of alteration to be just right. In fact, a lot of ideas that you have for your wedding might need to be executed from scratch. So, look for handmade crafters and prepare to work with your sewing machine a lot more ahead of your wedding.

3. Get All of the Right Accessories – In Advance

Depending on the number of people who will be attending your wedding, including the bride and groom’s parties, you may need a lot of accessories. If you will be having a classically Disney themed winter wedding, then you will need an abundance of tiaras and petticoats. Since you want everyone to match and have an ensemble that compliments the theme, you need to have an abundance of accessories. So, order up all those feather caps, leg warmers, and other accessories necessary for planning out a memorable wedding event.

4. Coordinate Your Dress with Your Wedding Favors

Besides the reception, wedding favors and goody bags are what guests look forward to the most. Help them to get into the spirit of things by coordinating your party favors, according to the theme. For a Star Wars themed winter wedding, you could include light savors and glow necklaces for guests to play with and adorn themselves. In addition to going quite well with your Princess Leah themed dress, these suggested favors are also inexpensive and memorable. Remember, your wedding is supposed to be a fun and memorable event, so don’t overcomplicate things.

5. Don’t Forget About the Wedding Decor

From banners and streamers to draped fabrics and tapestries, the décor of your wedding is going to set the mood for all events to come. Consider the size of the venue when you start putting together the décor. You want to have enough to decorate the facility, but you also don’t need to have too many competing elements. Ensure that the wedding décor will match your dress, the silverware, centrepiece, and go along well with the theme. Have your close friends help you to pick things out so that you can have the second opinions of those who know you best. Also, remember that you have to stay within your budget. Be open to compromise, especially if it helps you to realise your ultimate vision.

6. Bring it All Home with a Stunning Centrepiece

While your wedding dress might be the star of the show, the central attraction is going to be the centrepiece. Some couples choose their cakes or even an elaborate flower arrangement to be the centrepieces for their weddings, but you can use anything that goes with the theme. A wedding party themed around hunting and the great outdoors might mean choosing a set of antlers or even a miniature log cabin as the centrepiece. Select a centrepiece that embodies the theme of your wedding and has an element of originality that will leave attendees talking for weeks afterward.

7. Just Go for It

Some of the ideas that go through your head before your wedding might seem too ambitious for you to take on. Maybe you shouldn’t go about putting real alligators in the pool for your Peter Pan themed wedding, but you may still want to buy 10 pounds of fairy dust. On the other hand, maybe you should just adopt the attitude of going for it, no matter what it is. Ideas can always be adjusted, but if you give up on the dream before you try you won’t know how it could’ve turned out. So, don’t write off anything just yet, not at least until you get the chance to try and test it out first.

You may be planning to have your winter wedding in an outdoor venue, complete with beautifully picturesque scenery. At the same time, you and your wedding party might also have to deal with the cold and unforgiving elements, so make sure you are planning a theme that doesn’t conflict with the climate. Treat your loved ones who are coming from near and far to see you on your special day to a themed winter wedding that is special, and full of all your personal touches.

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