THIS is what the UK’s famous landmarks would look like if they were built in 2021!

Parkdean Resorts has reimagined some of the UK’s most famous landmarks to visualize what they would look like if they were built today, taking into account the needs of people in 2021, such as remote working, technological advancements and environmental issues.

Throughout history, landmarks have been built to remember significant events, to establish a location or to play a practical role. But how would they look if they were designed now?

Big Ben, London – A hub for urban wildlife

Originally built in 1843, Big Ben was erected following the fire of The Palace of Westminster. If built in 2021 Big Ben could act as much more than an ornate timepiece.

Reimagined here as an urban wildlife conservation project. As the UK becomes more aware of the impact of pollution in the capital,  this version of Big Ben brings some greenery to the capital and provides a home for nature in the heart of the city.

Here, this version of Big Ben features:

  • Living walls perfect for nesting birds and providing a base for seasonal wildflowers – much loved and needed by bees and butterflies – to grow;
  • A covering around the base of hedges and berry bushes to provide some much-needed sustenance in colder months for birds and small mammals;
  • The use of sustainable materials, such as bamboo, an incredibly strong material, for the structure;
  • The analogue clock face would be replaced by a digital version powered by solar panels.

The London Eye, London – Remote working pods with a view

Built to celebrate the millennium, the London Eye is famous for its incredible birds-eye view of the city, but if built in the modern age could be designed as a dream remote working location. Providing inspiring views over the River Thames, the London Eye could be the most sought after remote working office in London.

Here, this version of the London Eye features:

  • Each capsule as an office space, complete with desks, breakout spaces, a water cooler and office plants;
  • A free to use service for those who don’t have access to working space in their homes;
  • Inspiring views of the capital city;
  • The wheel would function as a Wi-Fi hub, providing super-fast internet connection to all within a square mile radius.

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth – A drone delivery hub


Originally built in 2005 as a viewing tower for visitors to look over the landscape, Spinnaker Tower has stood proudly as a landmark for Portsmouth, but what if it could be used to solve current demands facing the distribution industry?

Over the last year, online ordering has soared and pressure has been mounting for on delivery services like never before.

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