After much anticipation, The UK’s most-exciting immersive entertainment group, Little Lion Entertainment, has opened the tomb doors to its latest thrill-seeking attraction, Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience.

Created in partnership with Paramount Pictures, Crystal Dynamics, and Square Enix, Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience will take adventure-seekers on a journey as teams of eight people join Lara Croft on her pursuit to recover a powerful artifact that has fallen into the hands of a dangerous enemy.

Adventurers will set off on their journey with a message from Lara Croft herself, who is played by Academy Award Winner Alicia Vikander, in content recorded especially for the Camden-based attraction. Vikander’s voice serves as a narrative guide as guests make their way through the experience, coordinating with the group to avert complete catastrophe.

Whilst on their journey, players will escape a sinking ship, explore the jungles of Costa Rica, discover an ancient tomb, work through environmental puzzles and battle a secret order as this new adrenalin- fuelled attraction, complete with beautiful scenic worlds, live actors and characters from the Tomb Raider franchise comes to life.

Based on the ever-popular games, Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience allows for groups of families and friends to become part of the action and be immersed in the world of Tomb Raider. It’s perfect for those who are looking for action and excitement and will launch visitors on the ride of their lives, joining Lara Croft in a real-life adventure.

On the opening of Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience, Tom Lionetti-Maguire, CEO & Founder of Little Lion Entertainment Limited, said: “It’s been years in the making, but I’m delighted that we’re finally able to open the doors to Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience where guests can expect surprises, adventure, and wonderment around ever trap-laden corner.”

“The feedback we’ve received so far has been fantastic – who wouldn’t want to spend time making their way through Finland and Ziplining across the Costa Rican jungle and joining the icon, Lara Croft, herself?! This is just a taster of what to expect from Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience and we look forward to welcoming guests from far a wide to our new attraction to experience it for themselves.”

Tickets to Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience start at £66 per person. They are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting

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