Top 10 UK Cities To Try Veganuary Dishes

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Veganism is officially on the rise. As increasing numbers of us take note of the benefits of following a plant-based diet, this eco-friendly movement is starting to hit the mainstream. If you’re considering switching to a vegan diet, or you just want to find out what all the fuss is about, then veganuary is a great place to start.

The UK is home to an amazing array of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, making going vegan in January easier and tastier than it ever has been before. Take a look at some of our top UK cities for veganuary dishes to discover the very best plant-based cookery.


Manchester boasts an incredible food scene, and as the third most visited city in the UK it’s one of our top tips for vegan cuisine. Some of the city’s best vegan restaurants include highly-acclaimed Indian hotspots and Vietnamese restaurants specialising in traditional plant-based dishes.


The capital is a real melting pot of different cuisines, cultures and cooking techniques, so you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s brilliant for vegan those following a vegan diet.

London’s top chefs have found a way to create plant-based versions of all of our favourite dishes, from dumplings and pizza to fried chicken. You can even get vegan doughnuts and freakshakes at Borough Market, Seven Dials Market and the street food wonderland that is KERB.


Head to Brighton for great entertainment, sea air and all the vegan food you can eat. This thriving, colourful city has some of the finest vegan restaurants in the country.

You’ll have no trouble finding vegan-friendly spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you’ll even be able to grab vegan snacks and treats on the go here too. Pick up some vegan seitan fish n’ chips and head to the seafront for the ultimate day out in Brighton.


Kick off veganuary with an epic feast in the heart of Edinburgh. You won’t be disappointed by the vegan restaurants available in this historic city – there are hundreds to choose from!

Edinburgh vegans rave about the plant-based menus at the city’s most popular Indian restaurants, and you can get fantastic vegan crepes and pancakes from cafes all over the city.


Glasgow is a real hotspot for vegan cuisine, with an endless selection of top quality vegan pubs and restaurants to visit.

Those searching for traditional, comforting pub food should head to The Hall. This thriving Glasgow pub is a huge hit with local students, and its vegan options are up there with the very best in the city.

Start the day with The Hall’s vegan breakfast, or tuck into the jackfruit bagel for the ultimate vegan lunch. Finish your feast with a vegan pudding of chocolate salted caramel torte and we guarantee you won’t feel like you’re missing out at all.


The coastal town of Bournemouth is a great place to relax and take in the sea views, and of course it’s also perfect for foodies.

Vegans love the city’s excellent pizzerias; there are plenty of plant-based options on the menus. Mexican is another cuisine that lends itself perfectly to vegan cookery, and in Bournemouth you’ll find many top quality Mexican restaurants to try vegan-friendly dishes.


The historic city of York makes a great destination for weekend trips and days out, with so much to see and do. But if it’s vegan food you’ve come for, then we’ll give you a few tips.

York offers plenty of plant-based restaurants and dedicated vegan menus. Visit one of the town’s legendary haunted pubs and tuck into a vegan burger and fries, or head to the famous street food market to try vegan Greek gyros.


As one of the most scenic cities in the UK, Cambridge is a go to destination for weekend trips and punting adventures. It’s also perfect for those taking on the veganuary challenge, with many delicious vegan dishes on the city’s best restaurant menus.

The city’s Greek restaurants are famed for their vegan cuisine, and you’ll find several of them in the heart of the city. There’s even a dedicated vegan food market taking place at Guildhall on 26th January.


Bristol is well known for its vegan and vegetarian food, with plenty of pubs, cafes and restaurants serving up tasty vegan food all over the city.

If it’s vegan junk food you’re searching for, you won’t be disappointed by the options in Bristol. Here you can easily find seitan-based wings, triple-cooked fries smothered in vegan nacho cheese and even vegan hot dogs! Who said going vegan had to be healthy?



The Indian food scene of Birmingham is world-famous, and that’s great news for those of us trying plant-based diets this January.

Indian menus offer a wide array of naturally vegan dishes, and you definitely won’t be disappointed by the options available in Birmingham. It’s not all about the Indian restaurants here though, you can also get fantastic vegan pizzas, pasta dishes and traditional British comfort food all over the city.