Trips to Disney World, seeing the wonders of the world and going on safari top Londoners family bucket list

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Parents in London ultimate wish is to take their families to Disney World. Research from Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance(1) reveals parents are creating new family bucket lists – a list of dream experiences – which they wish to complete together.

Once-in-a-lifetime holidays top the bucket lists for families. Disney World (37%), travelling to see all the wonders of the world  (31%) and going on safari  (31%) are the experiences parents most want to give their children.

Karen Hogg, Head of Travel Insurance at Sainsbury’s Bank said: “Holidays, and taking part in a dream experience, are clearly a top priority for UK families. That’s why travelling safely and ensuring you’ve got good quality travel insurance is a key consideration before embarking on a trip of a lifetime.”

The UK’s Family Bucket List:

Experience Percentage of British parents who have these experiences on their family bucket list
A trip to Disney World 37%
Travelling to see all the wonders of the world 31%
Going on safari 31%
Swimming with dolphins / sharks / turtles 29%
A trip to Lapland 27%
An extended road trip 26%
A family sabbatical 24%
Visit every continent in the world 23%
Sail in a hot air balloon 21%
Learn an instrument 19%

Other popular wish-list experiences include diving in the Great Barrier Reef (17%), sailing down the Ganges (15%) and appearing on a TV show (12%), demonstrating the wide variety of ambitions that British parents have for their families.

The study shows that bucket lists are very important as over four fifths (82%) of parents have a list of dream experiences for their families. However, having children does change what is on bucket lists for almost half (48%) of parents.  Mums and dads are more safety conscious as three in ten (30%) parents would now choose safer experiences for their bucket lists. The cost is also a priority for families as nearly a quarter (23%) consider cheaper activities.

The study also reveals that one in five (20%) parents wish to give their children experiences they never had. Parents also like to put their children first with one in four (26%) choosing experiences their children will enjoy more.

Sainsbury’s Bank offers five top tips on travelling as a family

  1. Plan ahead: Organisation is key when travelling with kids. Leave your house with plenty of time before your flight, train or boat. Write a check-list of important items you need to bring with you, such as your passports, ensuring they are up-to-date as some countries require that they are valid for at least 6 months.  Make sure you also have all the correct visas sorted such as an ESTA for the USA.  Find out if you need any necessary vaccinations beforehand. Check you have your tickets and medications, so you don’t leave anything essential at home.
  2. Family insurance: Be sure to take out a family travel insurance policy as soon as you book your holiday. If you are taking part in any activities, make sure to check that you’re covered by your insurance policy. Sainsbury’s Bank is offering customers who buy travel insurance with them, before 04/09/19, £5 off their travel money when they spend over £500.
  3. Pack smartly: Children come with lots of additional essentials. Think about what you really need to bring with you and try not to over pack. Make sure you take enough food, milk and sterilised water for your baby on a flight.
  4. Plane entertainment: Pack toys to keep your children entertained during your journey to your holiday destination. Downloading TV shows for your kids to watch can be a great way to keep them occupied. Remember to bring plenty of snacks for your journey too.
  1. Learn the lingo: Visiting another country can be the perfect opportunity to teach your kids some local phrases. Download an app which can teach the whole family to speak a little of the country’s language.

Every holidaymaker should consider travel insurance before they go away and Sainsbury’s Bank offers Nectar card holders up to 20% discount on travel policies. Customers can find out more online at , to get a quote and pick the right travel cover to suit them.

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