UK reaches “no coal” milestone pointing to green energy future

The UK is fast approaching 1,000 hours since any coal was used in generating electricity and industry consumer champions say the public no longer has to choose between green energy or cheap energy.

The record number of “no coal” hours comes as more and more people are considering green energy according to Mark Gutteridge, Managing Director of energy auto-switching site Flipper.

He said: “Using coal produces much, much more CO2 than any other form of generating electricity, so the fact coal hasn’t been used in the UK since April 9 is good news for the environment”.

Interest in green energy has been steadily growing for some time, but Mr Gutteridge believes that the drop in pollution levels worldwide during the Coivd-19 pandemic has increased the number of people looking at what they can do to be more environmentally-friendly, now and in the future.

“We’ve seen more people asking about green energy over the last few weeks – and how much more it costs. But people don’t have to choose between cheap energy or green energy anymore. There are more than 30 different green tariffs available and many of these are amongst the lowest priced deals you can find, offering savings of £300/yr or more to a typical user currently on a standard tariff”.

1 in 5 Flipper customers are already on a green tariff and the service allows customers to set ‘Green Tariffs Only’ as a preference so that they are only every switched between Green deals.

Said Mark Gutteridge: “Saving money while being environmentally aware has never been easier. Customers just need to tick one box when they sign up and Flipper will ensure they are always on a great value, green tariff.”