Understanding Bingo Bonuses T&C’s with BingoSites.com

When it comes to the terms and conditions surrounding bingo bonuses, this can be confusing for even the most seasoned online bingo player, especially as welcome bonuses become even more sophisticated.

While online bingo bonuses are generally quite attractive, the vast majority of them have terms and conditions attached to them which are more commonly known in the industry as wagering requirements.

Although this resource provided by Bingosites.com goes more into detail about the intricacies of bingo bonus terms and conditions and what they do, in this guide you will find a brief overview that gives you an idea to get you started.


Main features to look for in the terms and conditions

Below we have highlighted a few of the key points to bear in mind regarding the terms nad conditions of online bingo bonuses which will definitely help you to form an initial understanding.

Wagering requirement amount

These invariably refer to how many times that you need to wager your bonus in order to make withdrawals of your winnings. Usually these average at around 35x your initial deposit, though it does depend on how your bonus is structured.

It should be noted that you are under absolutely no obligation to adhere to these wagering requirements, though in the majority of instances, this means that you cannot withdraw the winnings that have already come from this. When you do withdraw them, there are usually plenty of payment methods available such as PayPal, Neteller, Visa debit.

Expiry date

In the majority of cases, every bonus is governed by a time limit which refers to how long you have to play the bonus before this expires. Often any winnings that you have already added to your bankroll will be void if you do not play through all of the wagering requirements by that date, so it is definitely worth finding out before you start playing. Indeed, it could be the case that you do not have the time to play much over the days following your registration, so before you sign up to a welcome bonus, make sure that you are able to honour it if you want to get the best value.


What do they apply to?

Some online bingo bonuses also offer free spins on slots that they have on their site, however in most cases this is only for designated slots. The terms and conditions will explain this so it is definitely worth knowing.


Final thoughts

There is nothing to fear about bingo bonus terms and conditions, as long as you have a basic understanding. All of these are required to be explained in simple language on the site, so they should not confuse you either.



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