The Only Way Is Up For Brit Actor Amar Adatia

You thought you are destined for a good year? We’ve got news for you ! Brit actor Amar Adatia is headed for an even bigger year.

The Dangerous Game actor/producer who holds the world premiere of his hit film next month in Leicester Square is heading to Cannes this week for a small intimate screening which amongst its hi-jinks features personalities Calum Best, Alex Reid and Lucy Pinder (Yes we are not joking).

Adatia grew to further prominence after having an award named after him, the MMBF Amar Adatia Award which was launched to give back to the film and performing arts industry saw Adatia donate £5,000 to the scheme. The award has since been won by Epping Forest College student Deividas Balciunas.

Adatia poses with Cherie Blair at awards bash

To add to the beaming success the star is facing, his upcoming film Dangerous Game had its on lager made by local brewery Magic Spells Brewery, with the rumor mill increasingly suggesting that Adatia has landed a part in a Hollywood production, 2017 could be truly remarkable for the Brit actor!

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