Why the Timing of Your Bets is Vital with Non-League Football

Betting on football is something that many people enjoy and take part in during every week of the season. However, betting on non-league football is a little different to other leagues, so information is key.

This means that the timing of your bets is crucial if you want to take the best possible advantage of what the bookmakers have on offer.

Unlike the bigger leagues such as the Premier League, non-league football news is not as easy to come by. The more effort you put in to find things out first, the bigger your rewards will be when you get a bet right.

When betting on non-league football, the playing field is level. This is one of the few occasions when you could get ahead of your bookmaker by being wise and having the time to research.

Why Social Media is King

Every non-league club from any league in the pyramid will have a Twitter page, more than likely have a football page and may have others.

The lower down the non-league pyramid you go, the more likely you are to see news on here first, though this could happen for every non-league club.

It is unlikely that bookmakers will be following these accounts specifically with the intention of looking to find key game news, but there is nothing stopping you from doing this.

Key injury news, Covid news given the current climate, suspensions or even just players who are unavailable can all make a big difference to any game of football, more so at non-league level.

On top of this, you have the power via social media to find out about these issues that clubs are facing before the bookmakers find out and adjust their prices.

Local News Outlets

Many non-league clubs have a good relationship with their local news outlet, and this is another source of information. Gone are the days where this was all in a local paper that only locals could see, much of this is now available online.

The teams to target here are those playing in an area where there is no big team. If there is a lack of league football, the newspaper is far more likely to put resources into the non-league team in that area, so better news, and more of it, will be available.

For example, in the National League North, York City has full press coverage because they are the only team in a big city. Close by, Bradford Park Avenue in the same division have to go behind Bradford City in the pecking order with their local press, a team who are two divisions higher.

This doesn’t mean you won’t find anything out about Bradford Park Avenue, but you are far more likely to find York City news updated very regularly online.

Making Full Use of Your Knowledge

Being a non-league football punter is all about getting ahead of the game, pre-planning things and then striking at the right time.

Bookmakers on the freebets.co.uk football page will have a focus on non-league, but there is certainly the opportunity for you to have even more focus and find news quicker.

If you have picked out a team that you fancy and then hear some important team news, you can place your bet before the bookmaker catches up with the news if you are quick enough.

There are few opportunities out there to get this kind of head start over the bookmakers but non-league football certainly offers one for those who have the time and are prepared to research the latest news.


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