Leading British eyewear designers KIRK & KIRK has celebrated the successful launch of the world’s first digital try on technology.

The award winning designers known for distinctive eyewear shapes and iconic vibrant colours have been worn around the world by stars including Robert Downey Jnr, Jim Parsons, Oasis, Young Thug, 50 Cent, U2, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, Elton John and many more.

Three months ago they revealed ground breaking technology which allowed customers to try on glasses virtually on the Kirk & Kirk website.

The new virtual try-on technology has proved to be a game-changer. For the first time ever customers have be able to experience a live try on – with no need for a separate app or to download a photo.

And now nearly 10,000 people every month have used the virtual try on facility to decide what they want before going to their local opticians.

The technology was uniquely developed by tech engineers who honed their experience in the gaming world and hand-built scanning machines to bring Kirk & Kirk acrylic frames to life on screen.

The virtual try-on captures the true light transmission of acrylic eyewear ensuring that the light and colour moves on screen as it would in real life, creating an exceptionally accurate and high-quality online experience.

Customers can also move seamlessly between products to experience the full range of shapes and colours of Kirk & Kirk eyewear. The technology can also be used in-store for opticians to showcase customers the full range of colours and frame shapes that they might not have to hand in store at that moment.

CEO Jason Kirk said: “We’ve taken time to find the right technology to ensure our customers have an enjoyable and seamless experience. Until now, the technology never met our expectations and was not up to the standard for our customers. My grandfather developed advertising books 100 years ago to help bring the glasses to life for customers and opticians, and following in his footsteps, we are doing the same in a modern context. It was important to work with developers to create a user experience that is enjoyable and a harmonious experience for our customers.”
Creative Director Karen Kirk said: “We are very excited that our customers can try this new offering – the quality is fantastic! The way that the frames replicate the light and colour movement in our acrylic frames on screen is incredibly realistic. We want our customers to discover which frames speak to their personality and how they want to look and feel.”

Kirk & Kirk has an army of loyal fans who are discerning, independent, opinion formers with unique style. Kirk & Kirk is known for No labels, no external embellishments.

Large expressive glasses are now in fashion. Colourful eyewear is in fashion – expressing your personality. Expression of the joy of being able to go out and socialise again has been the key to Kirk & Kirk’s success.

The demand for quality glasses rocketed during the pandemic because in a world of Zoom and FaceTime, glasses became the visual focus of the conversation. One of the few opportunities for sartorial expression.

Kirk & Kirk grew 42 per cent in the first year of the Pandemic and this year’s growth is estimated to be 30 per cent. The celebrated designer brand has grown from 20 retailers in the UK in 2018 to almost 100 today.

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