Actor Nathan Hector shuts down Supermalt

Supermalt might like to call themselves UK’s No.1 malt drink but today all its taken is award winning actor Nathan Hector tweeting them to totally shut them down.

The Twitter debate began when Hector tweeted out to his thousands of followers “SUPERMALT IS THE WORST DRINK ON THIS FUCKING EARTH LORD GOD”

In a Supermalt Twitter poll the company asked followers “Do you like #Supermalt?” To which Hector then replies “It’s a no from me guys.”

As the conversation heats up the Supermalt account replies to Hector said “Saw the reviews for your last film – guess it was a no from the critics on that one too…”

To finally put the nail in the coffin Hector replied saying “The last time I checked my 2 latest films The Intent & The Weekend Movie are both up for Screen Nation Awards. Have a great week. ?”

Ohhh dear ! Now whilst Hector will leave to fight another day, get more acting roles and win awards … Supermalt on the other hand (well we’ll leave that for the readers to decide)

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