Artist Alfie Bowen has debuted his hotly anticipated wildlife collection: Call of the Wild

Author, activist, and photography artist, Alfie Bowen, has debuted his hotly anticipated wildlife collection: Call of the Wild. The three limited edition monochromatic prints are exclusively available for purchase from art retailer Castle Fine Art and have been hand-picked by Alfie himself as his highlights from his work over the past decade.

Available to view and purchase from galleries nationwide, Alfie’s Call of the Wild collection launches just as the high street reopens. Fans will be able to pore over Alpha, It’s Been a Long Day, and Prince of Darkness – featuring a leopard, a chimpanzee, and a lion respectively – up-close, and even take home a hand-signed giclée print for themselves.

Those familiar with Alfie’s work will see his signature style across the trio of photographs, with each epitomising his acute attention to detail and capturing the unique qualities of each animal in the wild.

Drawing upon his childhood experiences of bullying and isolation due to his autism, Alfie found solace in wildlife magazines and documentaries, before finding his strength and honing his craft in wildlife photography. A true animal rights advocate, Alfie’s love for wildlife goes beyond the aesthetics, as he is also a proud and vocal ambassador for Clinks Care Farm, African Revival, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and Young Bird Photographer of the Year, working closely with the WWF.

Alfie Bowen, comments on the collection:

“After many years of social exclusion as a result of my autism, I have finally found my calling. Call of the Wild celebrates the results of a ten-year journey from bullied teenager to renowned artist. I am a dreamer, and I am living my dream.”

Reminding people of their connection to the natural world, Alfie’s wildlife collection brings his subjects to life with intricate details and sophisticated angles. One of the many reasons Alfie’s photography captures the animals in such a distinct way is a result of his endless hours researching his subjects in the field.

Ian Weatherby-Blythe, Group Managing Director at Castle Fine Art, adds:

“We are so pleased to have launched this stunning limited-edition collection across our UK galleries. Alfie truly captures these beautiful animals with such detail, and it’s amazing to see wildlife across the world brought to life within his photographs. These limited-edition prints are the perfect addition to a wide range of home styles, and we know that our clients will love them just as much as we do.”

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