Awwww ! Mila Kunis brings mother to tears

Mila Kunis has brought her mother to tears after surprising her by renovating the actress’s childhood home.

The Hollywood star said she wanted to thank Mark and Elvira Kunis with a makeover of their Los Angeles condominium.

Mila, who moved to the US from Ukraine aged seven, said her parents had always insisted they did not want to move out of the property after living there for 24 years.

Appearing in an episode of online TV series My Houzz, she said: “I desperately want to give them something I think they deserve.

“You cannot get my parents out of that condo. They are never going to move. They love it.

“The house kind of looks like Miami Vice circa 1984.”

After the changes to the property were unveiled, a tearful Elvira said: “I really like it. I love it.”

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