British court orders Tommy Robinson to stand trial YET AGAIN for contempt of court

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by Ezra Levant

Incredibly, outrageously, two judges at the Old Bailey today ruled that Tommy Robinson must go back to court, to stand trial again for contempt of court — for the same incident last year for which he was illegally sent to prison.

Tommy was improperly prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned for this incident — that’s what the Court of Appeal said when they set him free after he served 10 weeks in solitary confinement.

But Theresa May isn’t done yet — she instructed her Attorney General to demand another trial. And today, the two judges agreed.

This is insaneThis is “lawfare” — abusing the legal system to punish Tommy politically. There is no public interest to be served by this prosecution; in fact, there is no precedent for it.

What’s so absurd about this is that the rape trial in Leeds where Tommy was arrested was concluded successfully. Tommy’s news reporting did notdisrupt the trial. It didn’t interfere in any way. So why is Tommy being prosecuted for contempt of court?

Incredibly, the Attorney General gave his reason in court: because Tommy verbally insulted one of the rapists as he walked into court. I’m serious — again and again, the government’s lawyer said that was Tommy’s offence: he was mean to a serial child rapist.

I wish I were making this up.

This is the state of the legal system in the UK. I call it the legal system because I’m not sure if I should call it the justice system anymore.

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