WITH FESTIVITIES commencing across the nation, Brits want to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year at home surprisingly, as research has revealed the UK’s most popular Christmas traditions in 2021.

The most popular festive tradition is decorating the tree at home, with a staggering 64% of Brits choosing this their most beloved traditions, closely followed by snuggling down and watching Christmas films (61%).

In fact, the most popular Christmas traditions were all at-home festive activities. Of those who have favourite Christmas traditions, buying festive pyjamas and bedding (17%), Christmas crafts (14%), and watching the Queen’s speech (11%) proved more popular than out of home festivities such as watching nativity plays (8%) and visiting Father Christmas (9%).

The survey of 1,000 UK adults, from Happy Linen Company, revealed that Brits aged 25-34 are the homeliest age group at Christmas, with nearly a third (31%) saying that injecting festive fun throughout their home by buying Christmas bedding and festive pyjamas is a favourite Christmas tradition of theirs.

However, the research revealed that Brits are reluctant to take part in more fustier and ‘old-fashioned’ Christmas activities, with making orange Christingles (4%) and wreath-making (6%) revealed to be the nation’s least favourite traditions.

Brits aren’t afraid to make Christmas their own and try something new when celebrating, as almost a third (31%) like to make their own festive traditions.

Yet 39% say their favourite Christmas traditions are in fact the ones they have made with their friends and family as an adult, with adults aged 25-34 being the most likely to feel this way (46%).

Nevertheless, the memories we made throughout our childhood cement our Christmas outlook and prove to be important, particularly for women, as 40% of British women favour the Christmas traditions they have kept since childhood.

It appears that this year will see the nation making up for last year’s lost festivities, as Brits are spending on average £254.20 more on celebrating Christmas traditions this year, compared to 2020.

And it’s young people who are really splashing out on the celebrations, as the average Brit aged 18-24 plans to spend an impressive £340 more this year!

Mark Green, Head of Procurement at Happy Linen Company, comments: “The traditions we forge, throughout our childhood and as adults, are what makes Christmastime so magical. Traditions bring together the whole family and bond different generations, which is why it’s no surprise that so many Brits treasure these activities and furthermore favour at-home traditions.

“Despite the pandemic, and the impact this has had on the nation, it’s interesting to see that Brits still plan to enjoy and typically prefer at-home festive activities. Whether that’s decorating the entire home, watching Christmas classics, or trying new crafts, there is no better place for the nation to feel festive than at home.”

Britain’s Top 5 Favourite Christmas Traditons:

Decorating the tree (64%)
Watching Christmas films (61%)
Buying festive pyjamas and bedding (17%)
Christmas crafts (14%)
Watching the Queen’s speech (11%)

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