Here is the caffeine detox to kick-start your 2018

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A caffeine detox used to mean mugs of insipid instant decaff coffee made from the poorest quality beans.

However, there’s good news for coffee lovers enduring a New Year caffeine detox with the launch of the UK’s first biodegradable and compostable Swiss Water Decaff capsules for Nespresso machines.

> Cornstarch capsules are filled with organic & Fairtrade speciality Arabica coffee.

> Unlike 80% of decaff coffees that use chemicals to extract caffeine from the bean, the Swiss Water® decaffeination process uses spring water and temperature to produce a 100% chemical-free decaff coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free.

> Corn starch capsules can be thrown into standard rubbish bins or council food waste collection bins and will completely disintegrate within 6 months, or can be composted at home. This is in stark contrast to aluminium and plastic Nespresso capsules, which take up to 150 and 500 years to breakdown in landfill, respectively.

> Vegetarian Society have certified the whole Delectable Capsule range, including the Decaff, as Vegan Approved & Vegetarian Approved.

For those taking the caffeine detox plunge, finding a palatable decaff is half the battle considering the beans of choice for most mainstream instant coffee manufacturers are the cheaper Robusta variety.

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