Cara Robinson: Is CBD here to stay?

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By Cara Robinson, Head of Community at dank! Vapes


CBD is a naturally occurring compound of the cannabis sativa plant that has historically taken a back seat to THC. However, in recent years the popularity of CBD has grown exponentially due to the growing body of research indicating its ability to treat physical and mental illnesses.

However, there are still some who believe that CBD Oil is a rising fad that will soon fade away like Aloe and Shea butter before it.

Here at dank! Vapes we disagree – below are 5 reasons why!


#1 CBD is non-psychoactive

CBD has zero psychoactive properties has no impairment on motor skills, even in high doses. This makes CBD a viable option for medical cannabis patients who cannot be impaired during the day.

Furthermore, CBD is reputed to be able to deflect the properties of a THC ‘high and reduce any harmful effects. Doctors have been using CBD to reduce intoxication effects such as paranoia and lethargy.


#2 Medical research suggests

Over the last decade or so, there has been a growing body of evidence from the research around the world, that cannabinoids can improve the state of one’s body, mind and the general quality of life.

Last year the UK government reversed its position on medical cannabis and recognised its medicinal properties for the very first time.

CBD is believed to have successfully treated epilepsy, depression in the past and research is currently underway to see if it can help in the fight against cancer.


#3 CBD is non-invasive

CBD is most often vaped in the form of CBD E-Liquid or taken orally as a tincture or tablet. However, increasingly the public is discovering that CBD can also be absorbed transdermally. CBD can be applied topically into your skin and is a great, non-invasive option for those apprehensive about popping pills!


#4 Smart money is betting on CBD

In 2019 the CBD industry is expected to do over $600m. This is expected to grow to an eye-watering $22bn by 2022 – that represents 40x growth in just four years and investors are taking note.

Dozens of cannabis-focused companies are now listed on the world’s biggest stock exchanges and have proved some of the most popular picks of the last few years.


#5 it is reputed to work just as well with pets

Just like us humans, cats and dogs also have an endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is involved in managing a wide variety of biological processes, including memory, sleep, immune response and reacts positively to CBD.

CBD has also been demonstrated to have anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects on dogs.



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