Just 1% of UK population using opticians for hay fever services

Brit News, Business
  • Hay fever affects 13 million people in the UK
  • A quarter of people turn to GP’s, walk-in centres and A&E rather than opticians

Over a quarter (26%) believe hay fever only affects children and teens

New research into hay fever awareness has found that just under a quarter (24%) of people would turn to GP’s, walk-in centres or even A&E to seek help for hay fever. Meanwhile, only 1% would go to an optician, despite opticians offering diagnosis and treatment.

The survey was conducted by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO). They are calling for greater awareness of the services available at opticians around the UK, in order to help reduce the strain on already stretched NHS services.

The level of awareness about the services available and appropriate for certain health issues is lacking. All opticians are equipped to offer support and treatment for common hay fever symptoms. Despite this, even the NHS website advises that sufferers visit pharmacies to seek advice on their pollen allergies.

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