Digital Network for Disabled People Launching next week

Starting off as a courier and mail delivery service, we are now introducing a new service DNDP Digital Agency. Through our current courier services, we recognise that there is still a community of people with disabilities who are predominantly housebound. The Digital Agency will employ disabled people with digital skills in web development and design, content writing and online marketing, forming the initial three (of six) key services offered by DNDP Digital Agency.

Bruce Gunn, the founder of DNDP, has a wealth of previous experience in the technology industry and wants to use that experience as a catalyst for people with disabilities that are housebound to gain employment and improve their lives. In 2016, we were approved funding for our Digital Agency Project by The National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund Scotland, and we will start introducing our digital services from 29 May 2017.

Our digital agency will support the vision of the Scottish Government by increasing digital participation as part of the digital economic landscape for those that are housebound, and previously marginalised and excluded from the labour force. In doing so, we will be able to connect communities – both within DNDP and with the wider business community while increasing social inclusion and participation in society as a whole.

There are many disabled people for whom the only form of further education is through home-learning, so we wish to utilise practical education from the home which will be flexible to their own timeframe and needs, in six key areas:

  • Website design & development
  • Content writing
  • Online marketing
  • Analytics
  • Graphics design
  • I.T. coding/ app development

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