Ellen DeGeneres amongst the MOST searched for LGBTQ+ celebrity home!

February is LGBTQ+ history month, and what better way to celebrate than by supporting local queer charities and endorsing LGBTQ+ celebrities.

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing even celebrities to work from their homes, we got a sneak peek into some prolific pads – Ellen DeGeneres’ mansion, ally Julianne Moore’s home, and even Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s new baby room.

Keen to explore these celebrity homes more Homedit.com investigated dozens of out and proud celebrities* from a range of sources and analysed global SEMrush data to find out how many average searches per month the public are making about these celebrity’s homes.

Homedit.com can therefore reveal which LGBTQ+ celebrity homes we are most intrigued to catch a glimpse of!

The Results  |   Celebrity Global Average Monthly Search Volumes
Jeffree Star 82,800
Ellen DeGeneres 42,300
Elton John 12,600
Shane Dawson 6,900
RuPaul 4,470
Phillip Schofield 4,220
Jim Parsons 3,150
Neil Patrick Harris 3,000
Caitlyn Jenner 2,870
Sam Smith 2,840

The home searched for the most is that of makeup guru and YouTube sensation Jeffree Star, with an average monthly search volume of 82,800 for his house! Having recently purchased a 70-acre ranch in Wyoming, Star is well known for flaunting his pad over on the ‘gram!

Household name Ellen DeGeneres, who has been publicly out since 1997, is in second place with 42,300 monthly average searches around the globe for the house she shares with wife Portia de Rossi.

In third place is British musician Sir Elton John. There are on average 12,600 searches a month for Elton’s home around the world! In fourth is YouTuber Shane Dawson, with 6,900 monthly average searches.

Drag race Mamma RuPaul is in fifth place, with 4,470 average global monthly searches for this super star’s home!

In sixth and seventh place, respectively, is Philip Schofield (4,220) and Jim Parsons (3,150).

In eighth place is American actor Neil Patrick Harris, who regularly opens his door to the family home he shares with husband David Burtka and their children. There are 3,000 monthly average searches for his home, and a recent study by HomeHow.co.uk found that his Architectural Digest video tours have combined viewings of nearly 5 million with a 98% like to dislike ratio!

Former Olympic athlete and member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan Caitlyn Jenner is in ninth place, with an average of 2,870 monthly searches for her house.

Finishing off in 10th place is Sam Smith, with an average of 2,840 monthly searches for their home!

Other frequently searched for LGBTQ+ celebrity houses include those of Spencer star Kristen Stewart (2,420), presenter and actor Stephen Fry (2,390), and Gillian Anderson (1,350).

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