Epic sound poem about a raven trickster launched in Dundee

Scottish artists George Finlay Ramsay and Rudi Zygadlo’s epic poem Raven’s Reprise is launching at Generator Projects in Dundee on 23rd November. Raven’s Reprise has been eagerly anticipated since a sample was played by leading London radio station NTS earlier in the year.

Raven’s Reprise is a narrative poem and sound piece about a trickster raven god, set in the context of the pandemic. The work is inspired by the origin myths of Northern Pacific cultures and the coronavirus pandemic. Raven travels through the landscape of 2020, transforming herself and battling her nemesis Lord Fatberg (a cross between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson).

George Finlay Ramsay and Rudi Zygadlo are internationally acclaimed artists and performers, both recently moved back to Scotland, who have collaborated while socially distancing during lockdown. They have, respectively, had works shown at Art Basel, Barbican and Beijing People’s Art Theatre; and worked with Mercury prize winners Gorillaz, appeared regularly on BBC radio and had music released by prominent record labels.

Together they are known as Sissy Fuss and scored Love Infinity for Oscar-winning artist Tim Yip, which will be released in 2021. 

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