Festival Ticket Prices Have Seen an Average Increase of 3,544% – How Else Have Festivals Changed?


With the UK’s festival season rapidly approaching, River Island has created a series of composite images to show how festivals have changed from the very beginning. From the very first Isle of Wight Festival in the 60’s, to today’s ever-evolving festival scene, we take a look at some of the UK’s most iconic music festivals and how they changed over the years.


Along with the imagery to illustrate the changes over time, River Island has also looked at how the cost and sheer size of each festival has grown throughout the years.



(Isle of Wight 2010s/1960s)                                                                                                          (Glastonbury 1970s/2010s)

With the festival scene showing no sign of slowing down, its only natural that audiences are growing, River Island’s research has found that festival audience size has grown at an average of 535% since the very first Isle of Wight, with ticket prices increasing a massive 3,544%, just imagine getting the Glastonbury ticket for £1!



Festival Decades Ticket Price Attendees
Isle of Wight 1960s vs 2010s Then: £2.25
Now: £175
Then: 10,000
Now: 72,000
Glastonbury 1970s vs 2010s Then: £1
Now: £248
Then: 1,500
Now: 135,000
Reading 1980s vs 2010s Then: £15.50
Now: £205
THEN: 30,000
Now: 105,000
T in the Park 1990s vs 2010s Then: £49
Now: £194
Then: 17,000
Now: 70,000
Bestival 2000s vs 2010s Then: £100
Now: £188
Then: 10,000
Now: 55,000















For more information on the featured festivals, head to https://www.riverisland.com/inspiration/blog/festival-fashion-eras.