Former Kent businessman who was 30 seconds from suicide now helps others come back from the brink

A former millionaire business owner turned author and public speaker has spoken of the journey that led him from the edge of suicide to helping others turn their life around.

Anthony Webb, 56, became The Brain Whisperer in 2014 after coming back from the verge of ending it all when he realised there was far more to live for than his material wealth.

“Coming from a working-class background, a big part of me has always been driven to exceed in life,” Anthony, of Gravesend, Kent, said. “That’s why I was in business for over 30 years and became a self-made millionaire across two businesses.

“In other people’s eyes, I had it all – a big house, regular holidays and collections of American muscle cars and boats. What I could never understand was everyone was telling me how great I was doing when I was so frequently unhappy.”

Questioning why his mental health was so poor though he had all this wealth, Anthony began to feel guilty and ungrateful, and it affected his decision making.

“I made bad decisions because I didn’t realise how I was in self-destruct mode at the time,” he said. “I became incredibly depressed – so much so that it came to the point where I’d written my suicide note – thinking the world would be a better place without me.

“There I was on my garden bench, 30 seconds from ending it all, until I heard a bird tweet loudly – calling out for its mate, offspring or just defending its turf. I suddenly questioned what the hell I was doing and since that day I’ve been on a journey to discover why we feel unhappy even when we succeed.

“I decided to take control of my life consciously. I trained and qualified in Solution Focused Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and studied the works of Professor Bruce Lipton, Dr Mike Mandel, Dr Milton H Erikson and Dale Carnegie.”

After years of studying, Anthony turned all that he’d learned into a programme called ‘Switched-On Thinking’, a course backed by scientific knowledge that has a 100% success rate.

“I know that I’ve saved people’s lives by changing how they think about themselves and their environment,” he said. “That we run our lives in an autopilot mode 95% of the time and that our actions determine our emotions and how we feel determines our actions.

“I call it ‘educational explanation’, I break it down to the atomic level and how our cells are affected by our environment. Through switched-on thinking, I show clients how to control their thoughts, motivation and feelings to live a happy and fulfilled life.

“I’m not a doctor or an academic but I have been to that dark place and I know how to overcome the challenges our minds present us with.”

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