Green Homes? Over 1000kg of greenhouse gases are created per person in the household

A new study has been commissioned by Ecoloop which has researched the gender specific causes of climate change, finding that in general men cause more climate emissions than women. However, interestingly within this research it was also found that over 1000kg of greenhouse gases originate from within the household. The importance of making homes as green and efficient as possible is an uphill task especially with the backdrop of Britain’s plastic graveyard creating 5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year.

In light of this, Lupe Technology, Britain’s most recyclable vacuum cleaner, has researched exactly which products within the home are breaking prematurely. Despite the fact that 45% would happily pay an extra 25% more for a domestic appliance that is greener and more energy efficient and lasts longer, the data has found that 1 in 10 Brits have been through a minimum of 15 vacuum cleaners in their life, amounting to a staggering 58,635,000 units, with almost a fifth agreeing that their vacuum cleaner is the most built to break appliance in their house, amongst a myriad of other household goods. This research has demonstrated the overwhelming disconnect between consumer intent and product availability, unveiling a disconcerting issue within the white goods sector which needs to be addressed in order to reduce further harmful impact on our planet.

In fact, the study has further shown this problem does not just pertain to vacuum cleaners, but to all domestic goods. Kettles have been found to be the quickest to break appliance by 33% of the nation, followed by toasters (13%), hairdryers (12%) and vacuum cleaners (12%). When asked what the easiest to replace appliances were, kettles came up top again with 45% of the nation agreeing, followed by electric toothbrushes (16%), hairdryers (14%) and toasters (13%).

Key Stats*

Within the research, 2096 respondents, were asked which home appliance they found to be the quickest to break and easiest to replace, with the findings as follows:

Furthermore, respondents were also asked specifically an array of statements pertaining to the provision of vacuum cleaners, and the ways in which they have experienced a never-ending cycle of breakages.

  • 39% (13,883,000) agree that the hardware breaking on their vacuum, and the parts being irreplaceable, is the primary reason as to why they need to replace it
  • 36% (14,881,000) agree that the suction power of their vacuum cleaner has noticeably decreased over time and is the primary reason they’ve had to replace it
  • 1 in 10 (3,909,000) agree that in their adult life, they’ve been through a minimum of 15 vacuum cleaners
  • 19% (6,915,000) agree that their vacuum cleaner is their most built to break appliance in their house
  • 15% (6,503,000) agree that they buy cheap vacuum cleaners and find that they have had to replace them multiple times in their life time
  • 12% (4,668,000) agree that their vacuum cleaner is the quickest to break appliance in their home with just 3% (1,466,000) agreeing that it is the easiest to replace
  • 45% (21,794,000) would happily pay an extra 25% more for a domestic appliance that is greener and more energy efficient and lasts longer

*(nationally representative research carried out across a body of 2096 respondents, in full compliance with the British Polling Council Guidelines)

In response to the sheer quantity of domestic appliances across the world being discarded into landfill, British start-up Lupe Technology, devised by former Dyson engineer Pablo Montero, is challenging the status quo of popular consumer goods by creating a premium product developed to be a vacuum-cleaner for life.

Other vacuum cleaners may use thinner plastic which is welded together instead of using bolts to reduce price and weight but these are then more easily broken and irreplaceable, forcing consumers to throw the model away and purchase even more single use plastic. Lupe’s Pure Cordless vacuum, however, is crafted from recyclable plastic and delivers high performance whilst far outliving the expected shelf-life for typical household appliances. In the unlikely event a part does break, each individual small part of Lupe’s product has been designed to be fully removable, recyclable and replaceable.

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